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Fast, Faster, InstantClick.js

Keeping XODA small in size and simple was always my goal. I even stoned it in the name. The reason for this is to keep the system fast and lean. Now, that being said, all of those efforts don't have any influence on Latency. Here comes the great project of Alex Dieulot: InstantClick.js.

Implementation was a breeze and it really makes a difference.

XODA-0.6.2 is out and was never faster thanks to Alex's awesome work. Try it and thank him! :)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

please allow me to introduce you XODA.labs.
Small and unimportant PHP-stuff is intended to go there; so small and unimportant, that I won't bother publishing the code-pieces as separate projects. But since all of them are based on what I learned writing XODA, I decided to collect and open the code. As usual, these projects were initiated out of pure personal need. And because they do what I initially wanted them to do, I don't have a lot of motivation to do further development on them. There will be also no support of any kind unless a particular question raises my interest for whatever reason.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! :)

Subscribing (xoda-0.5.0)

The option of "subscribing" to a particular directory for receiving notifications of uploads has been requested in the past. In the last week, a patch was published doing exactly that. I reviewed it and while it worked fairly well, I got some ideas which I started working on earlier this week.

Today I released XODA-0.5.0 implementing this feature. The option requires setting an email address as part of the user account which could now be done over the "Settings". The subscription can be made over the Infobox of the particular directory.

Thanks to Andrei and his team from Scand who pushed me to finally do this! I have tried to contact them many times since I published the changes but they never responded. I guess, they didn't like them.

Anyway, have fun and let me know about your problems! As always, thanks for using XODA! :)

Configuration of lighttpd

I never had any experience with anything different than Apache. (Not that I have any particular clue about the zillion options of it.) I only know that there are some great web servers out there but just never had the chance (or the need) to work with any of them. One of those fine pieces of software is surely lighttpd. And I never had any idea whether XODA would work on it. Until couple of days ago.

Just recently a great fellow with the nickname ysidoro posted on our forum the required configuration on the server side to make XODA work under lighttpd.

I deeply appreciate contributions like this which keep me trying to improve XODA despite the fact that it does the job I wanted it for around version 0.2.0 already! Thank you so much, ysidoro! :)