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System commands vs. native PHP-functions (xoda-0.4.1)

It's been always a pleasure for me using the CLI. And I deeply respect the power it is hidden behind the "prompt". Having that in mind, I didn't bother a lot using native PHP-functions while writing XODA. I was never worried about portability (it should work on the BSD's and that's all I carry about) and thought always that this would be not only the most easier and simple way to code but would get also the fastest results. Well... I was wrong.

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Award Winning! :)

Today DreamHost published the results of their Web App Contest.

I am really happy to announce that XODA is among the 3rd place winners!

The big "thank you" goes to all of you, who tested XODA, gave the feedback, rated it and send valuable opinions and even code to improve this project!

Thank you! :)