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Subscribing (xoda-0.5.0)

The option of "subscribing" to a particular directory for receiving notifications of uploads has been requested in the past. In the last week, a patch was published doing exactly that. I reviewed it and while it worked fairly well, I got some ideas which I started working on earlier this week.

Today I released XODA-0.5.0 implementing this feature. The option requires setting an email address as part of the user account which could now be done over the "Settings". The subscription can be made over the Infobox of the particular directory.

Thanks to Andrei and his team from Scand who pushed me to finally do this! I have tried to contact them many times since I published the changes but they never responded. I guess, they didn't like them.

Anyway, have fun and let me know about your problems! As always, thanks for using XODA! :)