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Major update: XODA-0.7.0

People have asked already whether the project is still alive.
The short answer is: Yes, it is!

The long answer requires probably some justification about the long update periods. It has to do with the history of the project. I wrote it initially to serve the needs I had. And for about 10 years it does. Most additional stuff was added because of requests and not because I needed it. With the time, XODA became feature-rich. This and the fact that development requires time, which I don't have in abundance, are the main factors for the slow release cycle. It took particularly long time to get to 0.7.0 because there were several things that I wanted to get done before releasing it.

Here are the changes:

  • The codebase was audited and rewritten to comply with HTML5.
  • Security in storing passwords was greatly improved now using password_hash () for creating strong one way encryption.
  • Sharing files and directories (with optional password protection, editing, and expiration date/time) was implemented.
  • Symlinks are now supported.
  • Markdown can be used for writing descriptions.
  • Pure-CSS framework is used in an attempt to achieve responsive design.
  • Some changes of the design were made.
  • ACE Text Editor was removed.
  • Simple Timeline feature was implemented.
  • The icons are now pulled from Font Awesome.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Implementation of sharing files and directories was something I wanted to have for a long time. I have tested it for quite a while now and it worked for me. Don't hesitate to let me know if you find any malfunctions with that!

The other feature I always thought of as being important is support for symlinks. That is now implemented and worked for me as well.

I decided to switch the icons to Font Awesome because of the commitment provided by the team. At that time I realized that I can actually get also the file type icons from the font rather than using external icon files. And to make things more fun, I colored them differently, so now they are defined in config.php and this list is easily expandible.

Several months with multiple pauses went through since I started working on 0.7.0 and now I don't remember any release with more thanges than this one.
Get it and let me know if you like it!
Enjoy! :)